What Makes Hematology Oncology Life Center Unique?

 Hematology Oncology Life Center is a private oncology practice in central Louisiana with a goal of curing our patients or helping them to live as well as possible with their disease.  We understand the word cancer often creates fear and a sense of hopelessness. Now a days we have a higher chance of having patients go into long term remission or are able to treat some cancers as a chronic disease such as diabetes. We are excited about the new treatments available to our cancer patients, such as immunotherapy, where drugs are used to boost the patient own immune system to fight cancer.

We are able to deliver comprehensive care here at home in Central Louisiana. We have dedicated, compassionate, well- trained oncologists, certified lab technologists, nurses with years of chemotherapy infusion experience. We have a convenient dispensary for dispensing oral chemotherapy medications. We collaborate with excellent local surgeons, radiation oncologists, radiologists and pathologists.

For patients who may benefit from clinical trials not available here, we will refer them to institutions such as MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston. We communicate well with these physicians.

We want our patients to be as comfortable as possible- especially if cure is no longer the goal. We work well with several local hospices with goals of relieving physical, psychological and spiritual distress


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Hematology Oncology

Life Center


605 B Medical Center Dr

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Clinic Hours

M-T: 8am – 5pm
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